A world of Dinosaurs - Glasriket

A world of Dinosaurs is Europe's largest dinosaur museum. Our dinosaurs breathe, move and roar. As if they were alive. We sell real dinosaur fossils. Here you will find unique souvenirs for all ages and toys for all tastes.

We hope you are ready to face 200 of the largest and most feared creatures that have ever lived. In the sea, in the mood and on land.

A World of Dinosaurs is a world-class attraction with visitors from more than 110 countries and a much-appreciated and well-known museum for anyone interested in dinosaurs of any age”

Dinosaurs have fascinated us humans incredibly much since they were discovered in 1823. We are constantly inspired by new findings and research findings about how they lived and now standing face to face with these giants probably tickles the imagination of most of us. It all started with a dream of a museum with only dinosaurs in it when I was a child and now the dream has hit and surpassed all my wildest dreams and fantasies.