Map - Kingdom of Glass
Interior hotel room hotel Amigo, Kingdom of Glass

Klavreström's hostel

In the middle between two lakes is Klavreström's hostel.

Hönsalotta's hobo museum
Museum & Gallery

Hönsalotta's Tramp Museum

Welcome to Sweden's largest hobo museum

Wall with paintings in the Little Gallery located in the Kingdom of Glass.
Museum & Gallery

The Little Gallery

Here you will find arts and crafts from local actors. Also try-on activities for children.


Mundekulla EcoTower

A unique and odd accommodation with a view. Here you can enjoy striking views and beautifully furnished rooms with comfortable beds.


Zalther's Restaurant

Take-Away restaurant in central Lessebo with both the dish of the day and a grill menu.

Historical objects showing what a waiting room at a train station looked like. This can be found at the Gamla Kosta Museum, which is located in the Kingdom of Glass.
Museum & Gallery

The museum Old Kosta

Take part in the industrial history, people and life around Kosta.

Louder home village park
Museum & Gallery

Ljuder's museum and Amerikarum

Take part in emigrant history

Skruf glass museum
Museum & Gallery

Skruf's glass museum

Take a visit into Skruf's glass history journey

Ålebro cottage village

Ålebro cottage village

Small cottage village in northern Glasriket surrounded by beautiful Småland nature

Vicki's Bistro

Vicki's Bistro

Italian-inspired restaurant in Hovmantorp where you can enjoy good food in a cozy indoor environment or sit on ...

Children's activities

Hälsans Hus Åseda

Swimming and training hall in Åseda

Children's activities

Nybro Bowling Center

Nybro Bowling Center offers bowling to the public. There are also a number of bowling clubs with practice...

Exterior image of Wilmas B&B
B&B and boarding house

Wilma's B&B

In the middle of the Glasriket and in Kosta you will find Wilma's B&B with Kiosk and garden cafe.

Parking place

Little Rock Lake - Camp site

Pitch in beautiful nature with proximity to both adventure and recreation.

Signs at Åkerby crossroads, Glasriket
Culture & History

Åkerby crossroads

The gathering place for those who emigrated to America in Vilhelm Moberg's epic novel.

The Mobergstein in the Glass Kingdom
Culture & History

The Mobergstein

The place where Vilhelm Moberg was born. Here you can find information about Vilhelm's childhood and Utvandra also passes here...


Safari Park's Tree House

Sleep up among the trees inside Kosta Safaripark. A unique accommodation in the nature of Småland.

Antique & Flea Market

Norrbygden's Antique & Flea Market

A really big flea market just outside Orrefors.

Image of the pool in Emmaboda's swimming hall, located in the Kingdom of Glass
Children's activities

Emmaboda Swimming & Training Center

Facility for bathing and exercise


Målerås hostel

Come and experience accommodation at Målerå's old railway hotel from 1890! It is a place for both the calm and...

Indoor environment Rosa Café Nybro Glasriket

Rosa Café Nybro

An ideal place to enjoy, relax, eat and have coffee. At Rosa Café you can choose from salads, baguette...

Buns at the Sommerhemmet Alstervik Glasriket

Sandberg's Confectionery

A patisserie in a preserved 1950s environment, located in Madesjö on the outskirts of Nybro. Fresh stone oven baked goods are offered here...


The food magazine

Welcome to Matmagasinet

The 25 meter pool at Nybro swimming hall, Glasriket
Children's activities

Nybro swimming hall

Family-friendly swimming hall in Nybro

Shopping Crafts

The craft house

An exciting and wide range of genuine handicrafts.

Disassembled doors and windows at Byggåterbruket, Glasriket
Antique & Flea Market

Construction recycling

Here, what others have discarded is sold and reused

Antique & Flea Market

All the good old stuff

Lanthandeln, which is now a well-stocked retro shop.

Sunflower at Uranäs Flower Workshop, Glass Kingdom

Uranäs Flower Workshop

A combination of flower shop, flea market and café

Environmental image with interior design from Micka's flowers & interior Glasriket
Shopping Crafts

Micka's flowers & decor

In the Strömbergshyttan along highway 25, you will find Micka's flowers and interior design. Here you can find, among other things, cuts...

Coffee with pastries in the Glass Kingdom

Cost bakery

At Kosta Bageri, all kinds of bread and pastries are baked 7 days a week. If you're up early and hungry, open "...

Close-up of a pizza at Pizzeria Lindås, Glasriket

Pizzeria Lindås

Pizzeria in Lindås that serves lunch buffet, pizza menu, kebab menu, pasta dishes, salads, a´la carte. Lunch bag...

Close-up of a pizza at Pizzeria David, Glasriket

Pizzeria DAVID

Pizzeria in the Vissefjärda community that offers today's lunch, pizza, hamburgers, kebabs, etc

Ready pizza at Pizzeria Victoria Glasriket

Pizzeria Victoria

Pizzeria in central Emmaboda. The menu includes pizza, salads, kebab dishes, American pizzas. Even small...

Sushi from Deli restaurant Glasriket

Deli Sushi

Restaurant in central Emmaboda with sushi and wok on the menu.

Pizza ready to bake at Pizzeria Linden, Glasriket

Linden Restaurant & Pizzeria

Pizza, salads, kebabs, today's lunch and à la carte are served in a cozy environment opposite the station in Emmabod...

Body cakes from Annika's body cakes, Emmaboda, Glasriket

Annika's Body Cookies

Annika's Body Cakes can be found in the middle of Emmaboda. Very popular gluten-free body cakes from gr...

Hamburgers at Hamburger Bar, Emmaboda, Glasriket

Hamburger Bar

Hamburger Bar can be found in the station building in central Emmaboda. Here, hamburgers, gyros, kebabs, leafy bits are served...

Gravel road at Kosta Safaripark in Glasriket
Parking place

Parking place Kosta Safaripark

Fully equipped pitch with nature plots just outside the Safari park.

Shop interior Macken Broakulla, Glasriket

Macken in Broakulla

Broakulla's pub which is also a cafe and a place to find souvenirs and locally produced products.

Overview picture inside the shop Kupan Antik and flea market, Nybro, Glasriket
Antique & Flea Market

Red Cross second hand Nybro

In the Red Cross second-hand shop in Nybro, you will find most things you can imagine.

Indoor environment at Bruno Mathsson's Glashus Kosta
Museum & Gallery

Kosta Glashus

Bruno Mathsson is known as one of Sweden's leading furniture makers. But Bruno Mathsson also left a strong mark in...

Large scoop of ice cream with children in the background, the Ice Cream Bar in Kosta, Glasriket

The ice cream bar in Kosta

Kosta Ice Cream Bar with Småland's largest ice creams

Sausages in packaging from Viltrökeri Krukö, Glasriket
Locally grown & Delicacies

Game smoking Krukö

Welcome to the Krukö smokehouse

View of Björkåkra campsite with lake, Glasriket
Parking place

Björkåkrabadet parking lot

Peaceful camping by a small lake. Only 500 meters to the center of Åseda.

Design By KA Glasriket
Shopping Crafts

Design By KA

With stylish craftsmanship, something new is formed from something old.

Outdoor environment with a view of Målerås Glasbruk, the Glass Kingdom
Parking place

Målerås Glasbruk Parking place

Just outside Målerå's glassworks, you will find 4 pitches. Here you can live really close to the glowing glass production.

Products from a retro shop in the Kingdom of Glass
Antique & Flea Market

Retro Trade Scandinavia

A handpicked selection of Scandinavian retro home decor.

Trolls on trees at Trollstigen Målerås, Glass Kingdom
Children's activities

The magic path

Hike the Trollstigen just outside Målerås and count trolls along the path.

Indoor environment with bed at Nallepensionatet Kosta Glasriket
B&B and boarding house

The teddy bear boarding house

If you still have a child's mind and want to live in a slightly different apartment, we have Nallepensionatet in Kosta.

Outdoor environment with a view of Granhult's church Glasriket
Culture & History

Granhult's church

Granhult's church is an unusually well-preserved medieval wooden church from the 1220s.

The colorful checkout counter at Don Camillo pizzeria in Kosta, Kingdom of Glass

Don Camillo Pizzeria

Don Camillo - A slightly different pizzeria. A family-run restaurant since the 1990s with a cozy atmosphere...

Salad at Saladscafeet Emmaboda Glasriket

The salad cafe

In the center of Emmaboda, only a few minutes from the railway station, is the Salladscafét, where you will find everything f...

Buns at the Sommerhemmet Alstervik Glasriket

Priem's Conditori

Cozy patisserie in central Nybro that offers sandwiches, pastries, cakes and pralines.

Dish at Schnitzelklubben Glasriket

The Schnitzel Club

Restaurant with Austrian and German specialties.

Seafood at Kosta Delicatessen, Glasriket

Kosta Delicatessen - Restaurant

Kosta Delikatess contains both a shop and a restaurant with delicacies from both forest, land and sea.

Shop environment at Kosta Delikatess and restaurant in Glasiket
Locally grown & Delicacies

Kosta Delicatessen

Kosta Delikatess contains both a shop and a restaurant with delicacies from both forest, land and sea.

Shop environment at Kosta Brukscafé Glasriket

Kosta Brukscafé

Kosta Brukscafé is a cozy donut place with an interior taken directly from the glass factory. The cafe is located ...

Outdoor environment Fiddekulla Garden Glass Kingdom
Locally grown & Delicacies

Fiddekulla Garden

Small-scale flower garden with self-picking and garden shop in Vissefjärda. Here you can pick your own paintbrush...

Evening picture of an illuminated tent at Törestorp's campsite, Glasriket

Boda Camping

Boda camping is centrally located in Boda community near a nice outdoor swimming pool.

Glass art at Johansfors Gallery Glasriket
Museum & Gallery

Johansfors Gallery

A summer open gallery in Johansfors outside Emmaboda.

Lush pitch for mobile homes at Bigård Birgitta in Glasriket.
Parking place

Biggård Birgitta's Ställplats

Wooded pitch just outside the village of Örsjö.

Outdoor environment at Målerås Glasbruk, Glasriket

Målerås Bistro

With panoramic windows facing the cabin, you can enjoy the food and at the same time see how masterpieces are created!

Staff in period clothing at Hammarsmedjan Orrefors Glasriket
Culture & History

The hammer forge in Orrefors

Here you can experience a unique, living historical environment. What life was like in the past on a mining site. How were they...

Upfvidinge Gold Club

Uppvidinge Golf Club

Play golf on a 9-hole course in beautiful surroundings located next to Lake Änghultasjön.

Dish at Emmaboda Golfkrog, Glasriket

Emmaboda Golf Club Restaurant

Restaurant at Emmaboda golf club in cozy Vissefjärda.

Large dinosaur skeletons at A world of Dinosaurs
Museum & Gallery

A world of Dinosaurs

Europe's largest dinosaur museum.

Mobile home at the Ösjöbol pitch, Glasriket
Parking place

Ösjöbol pitch

A small and personal pitch in scenic Ösjöbol. In direct connection to the Persson & Persson studio cabin.

Overview picture Broakulla parking lot, Glasriket
Parking place

Broakulla Campsite & Camping

Pitch with proximity to both places of interest, nature and services.

Orrefors museum-Glasriket's treasures, Glasriket
Museum & Gallery

Orrefors museum - Treasures of the Glass Kingdom

Glass tax from Orrefors glass factory. From past to present.

Exhibition items at the James Bond 007 museum Glasriket
Museum & Gallery

James Bond 007 Museum

The world's first James Bond 007 museum is in Nybro.

Children and adults at Kosta Boda Art Gallery, Glasriket
Museum & Gallery

Kosta Boda Art Gallery

Art gallery in the heart of the Kingdom of Glass. A stone's throw from the glass furnaces at Kosta Glasbruk.

Nybro camping with nature and caravans, Glasriket
Parking place

Nybro camping

A campsite and pitch with proximity to central Nybro and charming Pukeberg.

Outdoor environment at Erikshyttan, Glasriket
Glassworks and studio cabins

Erik's cabin

The Erikshyttan offers a wide and exciting selection for the visitor to explore and in the cabin is created and tried...

Interior hotel room hotel Amigo, Kingdom of Glass

Hotel Olof

In central Åseda, a stone's throw from the Kingdom of Glass, is Hotell Olof, a newly renovated hotel inspired by ...

Room keys at Hotel Amigo, Glasriket

Hotel Amigo & Restaurant

Dating back to the 1960s, the hotel has a unique architecture with dark wood and whitewashed walls where you move...

Restaurant at Orrefors Hotel, Glasriket

Orrefors Hotel Restaurant

The cozy little hotel, in the middle of Småland's Kingdom of Glass.

Hotel room at Orrefors Hotel, Glasriket

Orrefors Hotel

The cozy little hotel, in the middle of Småland's Kingdom of Glass.

Outdoor environment at Sommarhemmet Alstervik, Glasriket

Summer home Alstervik

Coffee, mini golf and canoes.

Parking place

Alstervik Ställplats

Pitch with proximity to coffee, mini golf and canoeing.

Vendors in period clothing at the trade booth at the Madesjö Hembygdmuseum, Glasriket
Museum & Gallery

Madesjö Homeland Museum

Coffee in a cultural and historical setting

Outdoor environment at Klasatorpet Glasriket
Culture & History


The cottage is known as "Korpamoen", Karl-Oskars and Kristina's home in the Utvandrarfilmen.

Herring sandwich at Café Ullkatten Glasriket

Café Ullkatten

Café Ullkatten is a nostalgic cafe where you can sit both inside and outside in a cozy environment, right next to The Glass Factory.

Hotel room at Alsterbro mini hotel, Glasriket

Alsterbro Mini Hotel

Alsterbro Minihotell is located next to Hindsjön on Småland's cultural route, housed in the former police station that...

Rugstorps Lantgård's campsite among sheep, Glasriket
Parking place

Rugstorps Lantgård Parking place

A pitch with proximity to "life in the country".

View by the lake at the Mundekulla campsite, Glasriket
Parking place

Parking place Mundekulla Vildmarksby

Here you will find 8 pitches next to the small Vildmarksjön. A place for recreation, bathing, water...

Persson & Persson Glasriket
Glassworks and studio cabins

Persson & Persson

The glass cabin with a focus on recycling and art glass. Shop for utility items and other unique products.

View of Nybro Golf Club, Glasriket

Nybro Golf Club

The golf course in the middle of the Glasriket, one of southeastern Sweden's most beautiful forest courses with a park character.

Preparation at Nybro Golfklubb Restaurant, Glasriket

Nybro Golf Club Restaurant

The golf course in the middle of the Glasriket, one of southeastern Sweden's most beautiful forest courses with a park character.


Emmaboda Golf Club

One of Sweden's most beautiful golf courses. The course meanders scenically and challengingly along the shore of Lake Kyrksjön...

Exterior image of the large Nybro hotel

Nybro Stora Hotellet

Nybro Stora Hotellet offers accommodation, conference and food and drink in two fine restaurants. The hotel is located...

Exterior Kosta Boda Art Hotel, Glass Kingdom

Kosta Boda Art Hotel

Kosta Boda Art Hotel is the hotel that explodes in color, form and pleasure. A unique design hotel, furnished a...

Glassworks and studio cabins

Kosta Glasbruk

Glass has been made in Kosta since 1742. The banner of tradition is held high by skilled craftsmen and artists.

Carlos R. Pebaque with his glass crafts, Glass Kingdom
Glassworks and studio cabins

Carlos R. Pebaque Design

Happy Man, that's the name of Carlos R. Pebaqué's most famous sculpture. And it is significant for both the artist and his art.

Exterior Orranäs Glasbruk, Glasriket
Glassworks and studio cabins

Orranäs Glasbruk

It's glowing in Orrefors Park. State-of-the-art Orranäs Glasbruk shows glassblowing in a new way.

Glass artists at The Glass factory in Glasriket
Glassworks and studio cabins

The Glass Factory

Experience Sweden's only pure glass museum! See the exhibitions, feel the warmth of the cabin and let the children get a...

Exterior Transjö cabin, glass art in river, Glasriket
Glassworks and studio cabins

Magma Art Ice Cream

In one of the Glass Kingdom's smallest cabins, you will see unique glass in an idyllic setting.

Svartbäcksmåla Flowtrail Backyard Glasriket
Nature & Outdoors


Activity area in Nybro with running loops, hiking trails, mountain bike trails, outdoor gym and nature playground.

Glass crafts on a table in the Bergdalahyttan, Glasriket
Glassworks and studio cabins

Bergdala cabin

The Bergdala cabin is the only wooden cabin in operation in the Kingdom of Glass. The popular classic Blue is made here...

CEO Kent Elm at Skruf's glass factory, Glasriket
Glassworks and studio cabins

Skrufs Glasbruk

Stylish clear glass, often designed by Carina Seth Andersson, has made Skruf a celebrity.

Glashandverk Nybro Glasbruk, Nybro Crystal, Glasriket
Glassworks and studio cabins

Nybro Crystal

Colorful hand-painted utility glass for a more festive everyday life is Nybro's thing.

Overview view from above with pitch and lake at Uvaparken Glasriket
Parking place

Uvaparken's Ställplätres

Take a break from the journey and park your motorhome at Lake Uvasjön. Uvasjön's Ställplatser is beautifully located by Uvasjön's...

Glassblower Målerås Glasbruk, Glasriket
Glassworks and studio cabins

Målerås Glasbruk

Magnificent, musty glass art with weight. Målerås stands for a non-Swedish design and bold encounters between glass and iron.

Mikael Johansson sitting by a kiln and sculptures, Mickejohan's art glass, Glasriket
Glassworks and studio cabins

Mickejohan's Art Glass

Micke Johansson is the man who takes art glass one step further with the motto that everything is possible.

Linnéa Art Restaurant, Kosta Boda Art Hotel, Glass Kingdom

Linnéa Art Restaurant

The restaurant serves breakfast buffet, lunch and evening supper - every day! Linnéa Art Restaurant is designed by U...

The dining room at Café Hos Oss, Pukeberg, Nybro Glasriket

Café Hos Us

Inside the well-preserved working environment in Pukeberg is Café Hos Oss, which delivers that little something extra. The cafe offers...

Beautiful room environment at Butik Norregård, Glasriket
Shopping Crafts

Shop Norregård

Butik Norregård, an interior design shop with both used and new with handpicked goods from various suppliers....

Lessebo Hand paper mill production, Glasriket
Culture & History

Lessebo Hand paper mill

Stop at Lessebo handpappersbruk, one of Sweden's last handpaper mills, and shop exclusively hand...

Pictures of shops at Kosta Outlet. Photo by Mats Samuelsson.
Shopping Crafts

Kosta Outlet

Kosta Outlet offers Småland shopping! In the heart of the glass kingdom you will find Kosta Outlet - a total of 20,000 sq...

Garden sculptures in glass at Pukeberg, Glasriket
Glassworks and studio cabins

Pukebergs Glasbruk

In the stately working environment in Pukeberg, there is today a small-scale production with color as the main hallmark.

Exterior at Emmaboda art, Glasriket
Shopping Crafts

Emmaboda Art

At Emmaboda Konst, one of Sweden's largest art dealers, you will find 400 artists represented and over 3,500 paintings.

Outdoor environment at Ateljé Vidagård, Skruv, Glasriket
Shopping Crafts

Atelier Vidagård

Studio, shop and cafe in the country in the middle of the immigrant settlement. Gifts, interior design and children's furniture in a unique design....

Teddy bear from Margareta's dollhouse Glasriket
Shopping Crafts

Margaretha's Doll Cabinet

The store is a world full of absolutely wonderful dolls and teddy bears for everyone with a child's mind intact.

Bat armchair made at Målerås Leather, Glasriket
Shopping Crafts

Målerås Leather

Målerås Läder AB is a genuine family business that has been manufacturing bags since 1947. They have a large assortment...

Lamp from Bsweden, the Kingdom of Glass
Shopping Crafts


Kumulus, Fling and Manhattan are some of the lamps from Bsweden in Herråkra that have conquered the world with their ...

Coffee at Lina's shop and café, Åseda, Glasriket
Shopping Crafts

Lina's Shop & Café

Café and shop in an inspiring environment in Åseda. In addition to the café, there is also a shop with sales for both adults and children.

Roasting coffee at Tadah coffee roasting Lenhovda, Glasriket

TADAH Coffee Roastery

Unique cafe and coffee roastery in retro style in the community of Lenhovda.

Treehouse at Korpaboet, Glasriket

Treehouse Korpaboet

The tree house, which is 6 meters above the ground, is located 1 km from Kosta glass factory in a large leafy garden with the forest next door.

Kosta Lodge with cabins, Glasriket

Kosta Lodge

Kosta Lodge, with proximity to one of Sweden's oldest glassworks, offers pleasant accommodation in cottages, rooms and...

Hofmantorp manor Glasriket
Nature & Outdoors

Hofmantorp Säteri

Rental of cottages in lakeside locations, crayfish fishing, sport fishing and crayfish fishing waters. Crayfish for sale....

Chocolate at Vissefjärda Café & pastry shop Glasriket

Vissefjärda Café & Chocolate

At Vissefjärda Café & Konditori, delicious pastries, cakes, rolls, good bread and pra...

Coffee on canvas at Rugstorps Lantgård, Glasriket

Rugstorps Lantgård Café & Shop

At Rugstorp's Lantgård, you can experience the real country while meeting the farm's cows, jumping in the hay, riding...

Children riding the zipline, Kingdom of Glass
Nature & Outdoors

Zip line

Visit Europe's longest zipline. Swish through the treetops or stay on the ground and take part in their s...

Outdoor environment with a view of Moshult's hostel, Glasriket

Moshult's Hostel

Moshults Vandrarhem is affordable accommodation in a rural, culturally historic environment with forest and animals in the mix. ...

Outdoor environment at Långasjö hostel, Glasriket
Nature & Outdoors

STF Långasjö Hostel

Stay in a hostel in a scenic setting in renovated church stables in Långasjö.

Outdoor environment at Ödevata Gårdhotell, Glasriket
Nature & Outdoors

Ödevata Farm Hotel & Fishing Camp

Ödevata gårdshotell is situated in a scenic location by Lake Ödevaten and matches the true picture of Småland. Fa...

Moose and bison in Kosta safari park in the Glass Kingdom
Nature & Outdoors

Kosta Safaripark

In the 200-hectare enclosure in Kosta Safaripark, the animals roam freely and here you have the opportunity to come...

Moose at Grönåsnen's Moose and Country Animal Park, Glasriket
Nature & Outdoors

Grönåsen Moose and Farm Animals Park

In Grönåsen Älg- Och Lantdjurspark, one of Sweden's largest moose parks, you can stroll the 1300 m long forest...

Moose at Glasriket's moose park
Nature & Outdoors

Glasriket's Moose Park

In the Glasrikets Moose Park, you meet moose in their natural, beautiful environment and get the chance to get really close to them...

Pastries at Peppes Konditori, Lessebo, Glasriket

Peppe's Confectionery

Come in for a coffee at the old honorable Peppes Konditori.

coffee at pastry shop Fenix, Glasriket

Confectionery Fenix

The nostalgia cafe in 50s retro style in Emmaboda Småland that takes you back in time. Enjoy a coffee and my...

Outdoor environment at Duvemåla, Glasriket

Dove painting Rundqvistagården

A visit to Duvemåla Rundqvistagården takes you back to a time when self-catering was a natural part of w...

Indoor environment with beds in glamping tents at Café & Bistro Juvengård Glasriket
B&B and boarding house

Café & Bistro Juvengård

North of Åseda you will find Café & Bistro Juvengård, a small cozy à la carte restaurant with its own kitchen garden...

Outdoor environment at Vidinge Gård Glasriket
Nature & Outdoors

Vidinge Farm

Vidinge Gård is a cosy, family-friendly and dog-friendly guest house located in the middle of the Kingdom of Glass in the nature...

Interior hotel room hotel Amigo, Kingdom of Glass
B&B and boarding house

Guest house Prästgården

Live centrally in Vissefjärda, a stone's throw from the golf course in the beautiful idyll of Prästgården.

Overview picture of Grimsnäs Herrgård, Glasriket

Grimsnäs Manor

Grimsnäs Herrgård is nestled in a beautiful oak forest in the middle of Småland, the Glass Kingdom and Vilhelm Moberg's emigrant village...

sculpture named Pajazzo made by Gitte Lind at Åfors Keramik, Glasriket
Shopping Crafts

Åfors Ceramic Gallery

In the small glass-making community of Åfors, Åfors Keramik-Galleri is located. Here you will find both beautiful utility items...

Shop The whole person Nybro
Antique & Flea Market

The whole person Nybro

A large second-hand shop with a wide range.

Antique & Flea Market

Alleviate Secondhand

Well filled with airy second hand.

Antique & Flea Market

The House of Possibilities

A large second-hand shop with useful gadgets from recycling.

Bathing area at Lessebo camping, Glasriket

Lessebo Camping

Campsite with proximity to both bathing and the center of Lessebo.

Things at Hatterian's Pinals The Glass Kingdom
Antique & Flea Market

Hatterian pinals

3 floors with antiques and curiosities.

Swans in pond at Sjöparken's campsite, Glasriket

Sjöparkens Camping

A campsite at a park near the center of Lenhovda.

Outdoor environment reception Orrefors camping, Glasriket

Orrefors Camping

On a headland in Orranässjön you will find Orrefors Camping.

Overview image at Skruvs Wilderness Camping, Glasriket
Nature & Outdoors

Skruvs Wilderness Camping

A campsite with nice walking areas.

Outdoor pool at Kosta Bad and Camping i Glasriket

Kosta Bad & Camping

Campsite in the center of Kosta.

View of swimming area at Törestorp's campsite, Glasriket

Törestorps Camping

Lakeside and leafy camping in cozy Vissefjärda.

Outdoor view at cabins at Emmaboda camping, Glasriket

Emmaboda Camping

Campsite near the center of Emmaboda.

Alsterbro pitch camping view, Glasriket

Alsterbro Camping

A small campsite at Store Hindsjön's bathing area.

Sunset at Strandbadet's campsite Älghult, Glasriket

Strandbadet Camping Älghult

Small camping gem by Lake Älgasjön in Älghult.

Antiques at Tigerström Konst & Antik Glasriket
Antique & Flea Market

Tigerström Art & Antiques

Antiques, curios and decorative objects in central Åseda.

Outdoor environment at the reception at Gökaskratts camping, Glasriket

Gokaskratts Camping

Close to both bathing and society.

Shop interior at the flea market in the idea factory Glasriket
Antique & Flea Market

Flea market in Idéfabriken

Lots of gadgets and good opportunities for bargains.

Glass making at Bergdala Glass Technology Museum, Glass Kingdom
Museum & Gallery

Bergdala Glass Technology Museum

The history of glass production from the late 18th century.

Interior Environmental Workshop Lessebo, Glass Kingdom
Antique & Flea Market

Environmental workshop

The environmental workshop has a secondhand sale of donated items.

Antiques at Kvarnen Antik and Loppi's Glasriket
Antique & Flea Market

Kvarnen Antique & Flea Market

Here you will find everything from flea markets and interior items as well as unique antiques

Antique & Flea Market

Antiques and Design Orrefors

Small shop in Orrefors. Here you will find quality glass, lamps, furniture and more. Both antique and 50-70s.