Safari Park's Tree House - Glass Kingdom

Four meters up on a large wooden deck, the floor also has elements of glass, which gives the opportunity to see the wild animals in the park more or less under your feet. The walls of the houses are partly made of wood, but the majority of the walls are made of glass, which gives an increased feeling of living close to nature. Despite the glass walls, it is still an individual and private accommodation, without visibility.

There are a total of 3 treehouses where the smaller one is 15 m2 and the slightly larger one is 30 m2.

The accommodation will be without electricity but with access to power banks for those who want it. The treehouses have a simpler kitchen for self-catering and the heating is done by burning in the stove. So regardless of the season, the cozy factor will be high.

In addition to the tree house's simple accommodation, there is also access to a service house outside the park and also the possibility to book catering from Kosta Delikatess. Parking is close to the house, alternatively outside the park where we assist with transport to and from the accommodation.