Visible in the Naturkartan - Glasriket

Help nature tourism find you

If you have accommodation close to nature or offer experiences close to nature, we of course want you to be included in the Nature Map. If you don't already, we'll help you fix it.

Increase your attractiveness in nature tourism

Do you know that there are trails for hiking and/or cycling in your vicinity but they are not included in the Nature Map.

Do you want to create a trail yourself in your immediate area on your own or someone else's land? Or perhaps you want to create a cycle path that starts from, or passes through, your business?

We have purchased technical equipment for recording trails that we lend to those who want to record a trail so that it can be posted on the Nature Map.

Contact us at Destination Glasriket and we'll talk together and go through how we proceed to make visible or create close-to-nature experiences linked to your business.

Why the Nature Map?

Naturkartan is today the largest digital platform for those looking for close-to-nature experiences. With over 2 million unique users per year, Naturkartan is an outdoor guide for web and mobile, which is used by companies and authorities to inspire and guide people to a richer outdoor life.

The nature map is a modern alternative to brochures and simple web pages to satisfy the residents' wishes to find out in nature. Here, almost all of Sweden is gathered in one place.

The Kingdom of Glass in the Nature Map

In early spring 2021, work was started to include the Kingdom of Glass and the 4 municipalities in the Nature Map. Thanks to the EU-funded project Climate-smart travel in the hospitality industry opportunities opened up to get help with the start-up of the venture. In connection with the high season of 2020, the nature map for the Kingdom of Glass was launched and has since been replenished with trails and close-to-nature experiences on an ongoing basis.

Nature in the Glass Kingdom is one of the travel reasons the area has, and the decision was made to increase accessibility by joining the Nature Map in order to showcase the range in Sweden's largest platform for close-to-nature experiences.

Hiking along one of the trails in Kosta.

Nature tourism

Nature tourism increased sharply during the pandemic as it was precisely outdoors that felt okay to socialize. Target groups that were not usually shown much on trails and in nature reserves got new habits thanks to/because of the pandemic. This was clearly shown, among other things, by the fact that Stormköket became this year's Christmas present in 2020 😉

According to analyzes and surveys, nature tourism will still be strong as many have acquired new habits during the pandemic. Many invested in equipment for outdoor life during the pandemic, and staying in nature is both a climate-conscious and relatively cheap way to socialize and/or vacation. We want the Kingdom of Glass to benefit from this, as nature tourism is an important part of rural development.