Transjö - The Kingdom of Glass

Art glass from the masters Ritzman and Carlsson, as well as from the new generation that is now blowing in the cabin under the name Magma Art Glass.

The two masters Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven-Åke Carlsson built their own cabin to be able to experiment as they wish. In idyllic Transjö, they have created art glass with great artistic content.

Ritzman and Carlsson master most glass techniques in a professional manner and let the imagination flow freely. Not least Ritzman has traveled around the world and taught at ice schools in e.g. Japan, USA and Swaziland.

Since 2022, it is the new generation that blows the whistle. Lars Skulberg and Dan Clausen have been apprentices at the site for several years. Lars is from Norway and Dan from Denmark. Together they have now acquired the cabin and produce glass under the name Magma Art Glass.

The small cabin is nestled in greenery right next to Lyckebyån, surrounded by meadows and red houses. The shop on the farm is like an exhibition hall in itself, and filled with glass by Ritzman and Carlsson as well as Skulberg and Clausen.