Trollstigen - The Kingdom of Glass

The path starts from Långegöl's bathing area outside Målerås. The path is 2 kilometers with constant proximity to the lake Långegöl. Easy hiking that is mostly on paths but over wetlands the trail is equipped with shards.

Count the trolls

Stop by Målerås Glasbruk and tell the mill's shop that you want to count trolls, and you will get a note to take with you on the walk. Look for trolls along the path and fill in how many you find. Hand in the note to Målerås Glasbruk and you will receive a small glass gift.

Good luck with the troll hunt and enjoy the nice hike.

Långegöl swimming area

Where Trollstigen begins and/or ends, Långegöl bathing place is located. A nice little swimming area with a jetty and booths for changing. During the bathing season, there is also a barbecue area and toilet here.