Rugstorps Lantgård Café & Butik - Glasriket

At Rugstorp's Lantgård you can experience the real country while you meet the farm's cows, jump in the hay, go on a ride with the tractor and enjoy a coffee made from home-grown produce.

Rugstorps Lantgård is a farm in the countryside with its dairy cows as its main occupation. It is a family farm that has been in the family for six generations where in the summer of 2013 they chose to develop their business in a new direction by building a cafe/shop, bakery and dairy. In addition to cows, there are also sheep, horses, dogs and cats, and in the spring you can come there and experience both cow herding and lamb safaris.

On the farm, you will also find a playground for anyone who wants to burn off some energy, and you can buy a coffee basket and go out and walk one of the walking loops in scenic Rugstorp. If you'd rather stay on the farm and have coffee, there is the option to sit both outside and inside and have an ice cream made from their own milk, enjoy something home-baked or maybe buy home-made cheese or bread from the farm shop. Rugstorps Lantgård is a place that can offer something for all generations!