Målerås Glasbruk Ställplats - Glasriket

Just outside Målerås Glasbruk there are 4 stands and here you can see the skilled craftsmen working with glassblowing, casting, grinding, painting and engraving. The campsite is also a good starting point for explorations in the Kingdom of Glass.

In the exhibition hall there is art glass of the highest class and in the shop you will find fine crystal objects at factory prices. From the lunch restaurant and café you can see into the cabin. Cabin herring is also served at the mill.

Take the opportunity to try blowing or sculpting your own glass while you're here. A memorable experience where you also get to take your creation home with you.

All pitches have access to electricity and there is also drinking water in the area. During the shop's opening hours, you can use the customer toilet. And you get the price you pay for the parking space back when you shop for at least SEK 500 in the shop.

In the glassworks building there is also the Handicrafts House. There, local artisans sell their products, such as ceramics, jewellery, woodwork and food. You will also find a restaurant inside the mills with a view of the glass production.

Children's Coloring Book

Right outside the glass factory there is a large playground that we call Children's Glass Kingdom. A creative playground with climbing frames, park and a play glass cabin.

You download the app Ebba & Ture can you come along on an adventure at a glass factory during the turn of the last century. Here you will learn about glass and how to blow glass. There is also a tablet to borrow in the Kristallshop. 

Just outside Målerås you will find nice hiking trails. A slightly shorter one of 2 km where children can count trolls.

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For those who want to go a little further, there is Gråstensmon. A trail of 7 km where you can take part in the history and nature of the place in several places.

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