Mundekulla EcoTower - Glasriket

EkoTornet's top terrace rises 25 meters above the hill where the tower is built. The panoramic view from the top allows you to see the surrounding forests as far as 5 miles away.

The dream of the tower was born back in the 1940s when Berndt Elmberg, the founder of Mundekulla, dreamed as a child of building a tower to see what was beyond the forest he grew up in. Berndt started construction near the end of his life and managed to enjoying the view before he passed away. At the turn of the year 2023/2024, we welcomed the first guests to the tower. Acclaimed Swedish architect Stig Bengtson, who specializes in the restoration of stave churches, played a crucial role in the design of this wooden masterpiece. Supported by 8 pine pillars from the local forest, the EkoTornet can now reveal that beyond the forest lies… more forest!

Welcome to Småland in southern Sweden and to this, without exaggeration, unique accommodation!

Choose a room with private access to Trädtopps Lounge, or two rooms with private access to the lounge on the ground floor which has a large fully equipped kitchen. Or rent the entire tower with sleeping space for up to 8 people! Have a drink in Trädtopps Lounge, sink into a good book, or just take it easy at the top of the tower.

Of course, everyone who rents the tower has access to the terrace at the very top.