Målerås Glasbruk - Glasriket

Magnificent, musty glass art with weight. Målerås stands for a non-Swedish design and bold encounters between glass and iron.

Today, mainly art and ornamental glass is made which is mainly ground, painted and engraved. The animal reliefs from Målerås are known all over the world. The glass factory is the only one that has its own iron foundry and thus the opportunity to make works of art where glass and metal are combined. Owner and main designer is Mats Jonasson.

At Målerås you can see the skilled craftsmen working with glassblowing, casting, grinding, painting and engraving.

At Målerås you can also try blowing or sculpting your own glass. A memorable experience where you also get to take your creation home with you. Book your experience via the Book button on this page.

Via the Book button, you can also find times for planned cab slots. An experience with a long tradition where you eat the historic dish while feeling the glow and heat from the glass ovens.

If you wish to visit the shop outside regular opening hours, please contact the glass factory to make arrangements.

In the exhibition hall there is art glass of the highest class and in the shop you will find fine crystal objects at factory prices. From the lunch restaurant and café you can see into the cabin. Cabin herring is also served at the mill.

In the glassworks building there is also the Handicrafts House. There, local artisans sell their products, such as ceramics, jewellery, woodwork and food.