Hofmantorp Säteri - Glasriket

Hofmantorp Säteri is located in southern Småland, about 2.5 miles east of Växjö and south of road 25 towards Kalmar, southwest of the community Hovmantorp.

The estate consists of approx. 1,000 hectares of well-arranged land on peninsulas in Lake Rottnen. Forestry is carried out here with great consideration for nature conservation and game conservation, extensive agriculture with grazing animals, as well as various forms of nature tourism based on fishing, crayfish fishing, hunting and quality of life in an undisturbed and beautiful environment.

Accommodation is offered in lakeside crofts and cottages on peninsulas and islands in Lake Rottnen. The cabins do not have electricity and therefore no running water. There will be candles, kerosene lamps and a fire in the fireplace, sink and dry toilet. Showers are replaced by baths at the jetty. This is a conscious choice – it creates a uniquely relaxing atmosphere compared to everyday life. All crofts and cottages have their own boat berth or jetty very close by or in immediate connection to the accommodation. A rowing boat is included in the rental. 

Welcome to Hofmantorp Säteri!