Grönåsen Moose and Farm Animals Park - Glasriket

In Grönåsen Älg- Och Lantdjurspark, one of Sweden's largest moose parks, you can walk the 1300 m long forest path around the park's three moose enclosures and get really close to the animals.

You will experience moose and fallow deer in their natural environment and see moose in different stages of life. The moose are ruminants, which means that they lie still between meals and take care of digestion. So take your time. The moose get up to eat and drink several times a day and if you're lucky you might even see them take a bath. Along the promenade there are several benches to pause on or why not climb one of the observation towers. The moose you meet are their own personalities with their own names and attitudes. There are moose that are completely fearless and can be both cuddly and mischievous, but there are also moose that are more reserved.

In Älgshopen you will then find everything to do with the moose. In the shop you can also buy a moose burger or moose sausage that you can grill in the barbecue hut. You can buy ice cream, hot and cold drinks and, in high season, also coffee. Also take the opportunity to look at the park's other animals such as goats, pigs and chickens and don't miss a visit to the moose museum.