Glasriket's Moose Park - Glasriket

In Glasrikets Älgpark you meet moose in their natural, beautiful environment and get the chance to get really close to them.

Join the moose safari tour where you ride along in a protected carriage under cover behind the tractor and listen to the safari guide who knows the moose well, be touched by the large animals and if you're lucky you might get the chance to both pet and feed them. The moose safari guide has extensive experience and knowledge about moose, he provides information about the moose during the safari tour and he is happy to answer questions. The moose safari takes about 50 minutes. Times for guided departures can be found on the moose park's own website.

You can also choose to drive through the moose park with your own car.

Before and after the trip, you can enjoy freshly grilled moose sausage, waffles or something else good in the barbecue hut or why not try your luck fishing in the pond where you can pull up a rainbow trout. In the moose shop, you can buy moose souvenirs and other locally produced goods such as honey and alpaca yarn.