Dove painting Rundqvistagården - Glass Kingdom

Duvemåla is just north of Emmaboda. It was in Duvemåla that Vilhelm Moberg's grandmother was born in 1833. The place gave Moberg inspiration for the Emigrant novel's Kristina, who has borrowed many character traits from her grandmother.

The four siblings Rundqvist, Hertha, Naemi, Martin and Mauritz lived in Rundqvistagården in Duvemåla. All four remained unmarried and lived together in a very old-fashioned way. They were frugal and lived without electricity, telephone, water and sewage. They rarely bought anything. When the last of the siblings died in 1989, the truth about their wealth came out. The siblings had saved one million kroner in cash on the farm. There was no will and there were no heirs, so the entire property went to the Allmänna arvsfonden. The farm's value was calculated at SEK 5 million.

A visit to Rundqvistagården takes you back to a time when self-catering was a natural part of everyday life. Feel free to take the opportunity to have a good coffee in the cozy café where you can enjoy a home-baked coffee in a genuine Småland environment. Here, coffee/tea, homemade bread pretzels with butter & cheese, traditional "kakfika", cheese cake with jam & cream and apple cake with custard etc. are served.