Kosta Boda Art Hotel - Kingdom of Glass

Kosta Boda Art Hotel is a colorful design hotel, decorated by Kosta Boda's designers and a tribute to Swedish glass art. Here, glass runs like a red thread from the interior, each room uniquely decorated, right through to the hotel's spa where you can take a swim in an ornate pool and admire works of art in an exhibition - underwater! Feel free to try the spa department's award-winning signature treatment, where you get a luxurious massage with heated glass.

Kosta Boda Art Hotel opened its doors in 2009. The journey actually began in 1742 when Kosta was founded by two of Charles XII's generals, Koskull and Staël von Holstein. The hotel is a living showroom for the glass where everything you see is for sale. Many of the guests come here for the glass, art and history but also for the award-winning spa department. All the glass in the hotel is produced across the road, in the cabin, by skilled glassblowers through a craft that has remained the same for almost 300 years.

You will find the Kosta Boda Art Hotel in the middle of the Kingdom of Glass, Småland, next to the Kosta glass factory and the Kosta Outlet. Here, experiences are mixed with recreation and shopping, all in an environment that breathes glass art and design. Within close reach you will find several glass factories and larger cities such as Växjö and Kalmar as well as Öland.