Kosta Glasbruk - Glasriket

Popular glass artists such as Ulrika Hydman-Vallien, Bertil Vallien and Kjell Engman have made Kosta something that many have a relationship with. The glass factory is Sweden's oldest operating glass factory, the kilns have been operating here since 1742. Since then, the glassblowers have mastered the liquid glass mass and refined the craft from generation to generation.

As a visitor, you can witness the spectacle of the manual work in the cabin. However, the risk is that you will be stuck here for a long time, it is a fascinating sight. You can also take the chance to try it yourself.

Across the courtyard is the exhibition hall Kosta Art Gallery, designed by another of the greats of the Kingdom of Glass - the architect Bruno Mathsson. Here you see contemporary art glass by Kosta Boda's artists. In the area, you will also find Kosta Outlet, which on 20,000 square meters of shopping space offers branded clothing, shoes, books, sporting goods, home furnishings, etc. Stay at the spectacular Kosta Boda Art Hotel with its popular spa area and high-class restaurants.

Near the glass factory you will find Kosta Bad and Camping and a little further away is Kosta Lodge with safari park, cabins, restaurant and wilderness experiences.

Welcome to the cabin warmth

The glass factory is open for visits every day of the week, so-called "Open cabin". A visit to the cabin gives you the opportunity to see the skilled craftsmen "in action", feel the heat from the ovens and marvel at the glass mass's journey from liquid mass to a beautiful glass product.

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Go on a guided tour

Get more out of your visit. Join us on an exciting and educational guided tour of one of Sweden's oldest glassworks. At special times, you also have the option to book a viewing together with a guide. Book your guide

Try glassblowing

Take the opportunity to try this hot craft where, with the help of a skilled glass craftsman, you can create a glass product yourself. Decanter, ball, vase or glass is up to you. A memory for life both mentally and physically because of course you get to take your creation home with you.

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