Café Hos Us - Glasriket

Inside the well-preserved working environment in Pukeberg is Café Hos Oss, which delivers that little something extra.

The café offers breakfast, lunch and coffee with good pastries. Here, everything is baked with care and they always have real butter and real cream in their pastries and largely use local ingredients and producers. Enjoy big, lovely freshly baked buns, fruit and berry pies with airy custard and delicate cookies.

The range can vary according to season and demand and they strive to always have something for everyone, even if you are allergic or just picky about your diet. Every weekday, a steaming soup & a well-cooked home-cooked meal with freshly baked sourdough bread and a salad buffet are served, and there is also always a salad of the week and a vegetarian dish on offer. On weekends, they offer lunch from a bistro menu where the popular fish soup is a standing feature.