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Glasriket's Travel Planner works in two ways. The primary thing is to deliver a unique and individually tailored tour suggestion to the user based on the areas of interest the person has clicked in. But it is also possible to create a tour suggestion completely based on your own specific choices. So if you have some exciting places to visit in your vicinity, you can choose just them. Put them in the order you think is best. Maybe put in a stop for coffee or food along the tour. When you are finished with the tour, you email it to yourself. You can use the link you receive on your own website together with a picture and text describing the tour. You can also use the link and email it to visitors who want tips on an excursion.

Step-by-step description of how to create a tour adapted to your own location
• Think about what nearby places of interest you have around you
• Go to and go to the respective destination's page. Click the ADD TO TRAVEL PLANNER button
• You will see the total number of destinations you added at the top right of the Travel Planner icon
• When you are done, click on the Travel Planner icon
• On the right (applies to desktop, the map is below in the mobile version) you see all destinations on a map.
• You can now move the destinations in the order that works best, check against the map and you will see at a glance how good the trip will be. Make sure there is not too much back and forth.
• Click on the symbol for food at the destination you think would be suitable with a stop for coffee or food.
• Select the rich/food place you want to tip. Click save.
• Place the coffee stop in the list on the left where it fits best.
• Vote that it looks good on the map.
• Enter your own email address
• When you are going to create your own manual tour, you still need to check the choice of vehicle and choice of accommodation. Check in the vehicle and accommodation of your choice to move on.

For more information about Glasriket's Travel Planner:
Henrik Karlsson, Destination Glasriket AB