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Glasriket was awarded EU funds through the Growth Agency to run a project with the aim of attracting the customer group of motorhome owners to the Glasriket hospitality industry. At the same time, the Glasriket tourism industry and municipalities have gained increased knowledge and insight into the needs and wishes of the motorhome traveler.

Further down the page you will find summaries from all information meetings arranged within the project.

Background to the project

In 2020, the Norwegian Agency for Economic Development released the call "Save companies in the hospitality industry", which is EU-funded aid and aims to support projects that create the conditions for the hospitality industry to survive despite a large economic loss in 2020. The background to the call is the fact that the hospitality industry is one of the industries which has been hit hardest by Covid-19. Destination Glasriket AB was one of the actors that applied for project funds in connection with the call for proposals, and on October 15, 2020, the Norwegian Agency for Economic Development granted the application.

Why invest in motorhome tourism?

Motorhome tourism has for many years grown throughout Europe, including in Sweden. Sweden is in 2nd place in Europe in terms of mobile home density per inhabitant. Motorhome tourism is predicted to continue to increase, even if the rate of increase is expected to level off somewhat.

Approximately 27% of all motorhomes in Europe are in Germany and the Germans are already a target group for the Kingdom of Glass.

We want Glasriket to strengthen its attractiveness for motorhome travelers and to succeed in this we needed to get to know the target group of motorhome travelers better.

We also wanted to create a digital solution that stimulates the visitor to find places to visit in the Kingdom of Glass and thus also stay longer.

Attractive for motorhome tourism

Right from the start, the Kingdom of Glass has several factors that make the area suitable for mobile home tourism. Several of Glasriket's visitor destinations are open all year round and are therefore well suited for a customer group that has more seasons than just the classic high summer. The most common thing is to go on motorhome trips between April and October, but all 20% of the Swedish motorhome owners have their leisure vehicle running all year.

The Glass Kingdom is also freed from monotonous highways and large impenetrable cities. In the Kingdom of Glass there are smaller roads that meander through the beautiful landscape where the visitor can take part in both nature and the area's attractions, and at the same time enjoy the journey itself. Because if there's anything we've learned about the motorhome traveler, it's that the journey is part of the goal.

Whoever is on a tour in the Kingdom of Glass, regardless of the vehicle, will find beautiful nature, cozy winding roads, many lakes and a wide range of exciting places to visit. A perfect area to discover and enjoy.

The purpose of the project

Strengthen the hospitality industry's knowledge and insights about the customer group of mobile home owners. What the customer group looks like and what changes there are within the group. What their interests are in general and whether there are any "basic requirements" that should be met to attract motorhome travelers to the area.

The project must also work to develop the physical infrastructure to attract motorhome tourism, both from the accessibility aspect and the environmental aspect. The project will also stimulate an improved digital presence of Glasriket's hospitality industry to make it easier for visitors to take part in Glasriket's wide range. The project should act as a catalyst for the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Glass to see the motorhome tourist as an interesting and growing customer group with great potential. With or without a pandemic. The growing customer group must be attracted to Glasriket's business life in the hospitality industry in order to create a broader customer base that has a season that extends from April to October. Encourage the visitor to visit more destinations and stay longer than originally intended.

What the project does for the motorhome tourist will also have effects on the visitor who travels by car, with or without a tent/caravan. The project has been ongoing during the period autumn 2020 – spring 2023.

Deepenings in our lessons and insights

During the project period, we have conducted a total of six meetings with the aim of learning more about motorhome tourism. Trends, surveys, interviews of dealers and lots of contacts with motorhome travelers and organizations in the field of motorhome tourism. We have tried to convey this to entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry, but also those who operate within municipal and regional organisations. All meetings have been compiled and you can take part in these compilations below. Simply for the slightly more inquisitive.

Hit 1

The project's first meeting, where Lars-Erik Hörmander from RV Destination Sweden introduces us to the possibilities that exist within RV tourism. Here we get tips on what is important to think about. In the summary, there are also links for those who want to listen to the lecture.

Compilation Hit 1 in Glasriket's RV project

Hit 2

Here we go through what has happened in the project during the first months that it has been running. We also have with us the experienced motorhome traveler Staffan Knutsson who gives us some comparisons between Sweden and other countries in terms of motorhome tourism. Can we learn something from the countries that have come a little further than Sweden in terms of motorhome tourism. During the meeting, we also talk a little about the upcoming digital tool (Travel Planner) and that Mathias Billmark talks about the importance of being visible on Google My Business.

Compilation Hit 2 in Glasriket's RV project

Hit 3

Mariestad's municipality has received the award Sweden's most mobile home-friendly municipality, which is awarded by the Mobile Home Club, twice. Of course, we are curious about the background and reasoning behind this. So we invited Jonas Johansson, development manager at Mariestad municipality, and Åke Andersson, vice chairman of the Motorhome Club. We have recorded their presentations and in the compilation there are links for those who want to see the presentation.

Compilation Hit 3 in Glasriket's RV project

Hit 4

At this meeting, entrepreneurs who run a campsite or campsite in the Glasriket gathered. The aim was primarily for the actors to meet, but at the meeting results from a survey carried out in connection with the Motorhome Fair at Elmia were also presented.

The meeting also aimed to jointly reason about how we can act to get the motorhome traveler to stay longer. Below you will also find a summary of the most important platforms to help the motorhome traveler find your pitch or campsite.

Compilation Hit 4 in Glasriket's RV project

Tips for the motorhome traveler to find your place to stay overnight

Hit 5

We have invited the professional traveler at FREEDOMtravel to give us his view on what it is like to travel in the Kingdom of Glass with a motorhome. In November 2021, they were on a roll for a whole week in the Kingdom of Glass. Their experiences were so good that Glasriket and Kosta received their award as Best Motorhome Destination which was awarded in March 2022. In the compilation you will find links to the recording of their presentation.
At the meeting, we also went through how visitors can use Glasriket's Travel Planner to create their own tours that they want to advise their visitors about.

Compilation Hit 5 in Glasriket's RV project

Hit 6

The project's last information meeting where we summarize the most important lessons that the project has given us and those who participated in our meetings. In the compilation, we also compile various tips and thoughts for the future regarding motorhome tourism.

With us at the meeting we have Lars-Erik Hörmander who was also present at the project's first meeting.

Compilation Hit 6 in Glasriket's RV project

Evaluation of the project

Here you can read Christina Torstensson's evaluation of the project, which is based on both survey questions and more in-depth interviews.

The evaluation of Glasriket's RV project

Project goal achievement

Here we describe the project's goals and how we have fulfilled them

Goal achievement

If you have any questions that are not answered here above, please contact us.