Glasriket on growth - Glasriket

The Kingdom of Glass on growth was a process-driven project that started in autumn 2018 and ended in December 2020. Through a collaboration between Region Kronoberg and Region Kalmar län together with the municipalities of Nybro, Emmaboda, Lessebo and Uppvidinge, the region's businessmen were involved in working together towards the goal of creating growth in the hospitality industry. Process leader for the project was Svensk Destinationsutveckling AB.

In brief, the project aimed to:

- Create a long-term and sustainable destination development that leads to export maturity.​

​-Develop the destination's strategy to achieve maximum growth and efficiency that creates or matches existing demand.

​-Organize the destination's working methods so that synergy effects are achieved in order to be able to increase the industry's volumes and margins as efficiently as possible

Here are a number of links that lead to recordings from the final conference where the project is summarized. You will also find a link to the destination strategy that was formed during the trip as well as a written evaluation of the project.

Link to The final conference for the Glass Kingdom on Growth

Link to Strategic platform for the Kingdom of Glass

Link to Written evaluation of the project