Qvarnlammens Gårdsbutik - Glasriket

In the small shop you will find nice curly glossy soft skins from Gotland sheep. From the skins, there are handicrafts such as mittens, boas, headbands, pillows, baby traps, stuffed animals, etc. There are yarns spun from the wool of animals and wool decorations. We also sew to order. Here you will also find some material for those who want to try tinkering themselves.

We have worked with the craft since 2010 and have had the animals since 1999. Around 40 ewes are covered and somewhere between 75-85 lambs are born during March/April. When the weather permits and the grass has started to grow, they can go outside to graze.

You can look at the animals, but then you have to ask first so that we can join in and make sure that it fits, and that the animals are not disturbed.

In the freezer you will find individual parts, and mainly at Easter and Christmas there are different kinds of sausages.

We are usually open on Fridays between 14:00 and 17:00 but can open other times on request. Just give us a signal a little before.