Mundekulla Retreat Center - Glasriket

Great care and consideration for people, animals and nature is behind everything that Mundekulla Retreat Center stands for. Courses, retreats and festivals are arranged here with a sustainable and ecological focus. Here spirituality, development, nature and food come together in constant harmony with mother earth. Courses and retreats are organized all year round and the food served is adapted to the season and sustainability. The facility welcomes groups and arranges courses, music events, etc.

The entire facility is imbued with ecological thinking, warmth and care. Green, very good and climate-smart food is offered here, and the farm has a unique wood-burning sauna, 1820s-style dining room, SPA, four beautiful meeting rooms, 20 rooms and roughly 30 beds distributed in 4 buildings. The hotel-standard facility is built with an organic profile and at least 80% of all food served is organic. The rooms in Mundekulla are insulated with various ecological insulation materials and some of them are named accordingly, such as "Ulla" (insulated with Wool), "Lina" (insulated with Flax), "Hampus" (Hemp), "Ferdinand" (Cork ), "Emil" (Kutterspån), etc. The interiors of the rooms are mainly in wood and brightly painted with traditional linseed oil paint.