Hägnen's Icelandic horses - Glasriket

Hägnen is the name of an almost 200-year-old family farm, which is now in its 8th generation.

The farm is located in the village of Norra Sävsjö, 8 km west of Nybro, in Kalmar county. Until 1988, milk production was carried out on the farm. In 1988, the barn was converted into stables. In 1989 "Ridlekis" was started, then there were mostly Shetland ponies. In 1992, the first Icelandic horses were bought in and tour riding with Icelandic horses was started. Nowadays, there are about 30 Icelandic horses on the farm. There are also some smaller ponies here. There are also dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and goats.

The destination can offer:
Riding games
Riding lessons for children and adults
Rent a horse and ride in the paddock
Tour riding

The business is open between v.11- v.47. Appointments are always required (by SMS or email).