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Oral storytelling is the form of storytelling that has existed the longest. Participating in stories, information, fairy tales, etc. by listening is what has brought both knowledge, legends and other stories forward through the millennia.

Although listening to stories has a long history, it also fits well with modern technology. Take part in a story through your phone or tablet. Together with others when the story is streamed out through a speaker, or as a moment for yourself where you let yourself disappear for a while with headphones. Off to another time or a completely different world.

On the digital platform Storyspot you will find stories from Vilhelm Moberg's life and stories. What you need to do is to first download the Storyspot app to your mobile/tablet. You then have the opportunity to listen to many different stories that reflect different places in Sweden. Among other things, stories about Vilhelm Moberg's upbringing in Småland's Glasriket or about some of the places found in the novel The Emigrants.

We wish you a pleasant listening experience. Together with others or all by yourself.

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