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Glass Crafts by Carlos R. Pebaque, Glass Kingdom

Glass Art 2023 – Carlos R. Pebaqué

Carlos is on site and talks about his latest inspiration trips to the southern hemisphere. He also talks about his upcoming collections. […]

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Glass manufacturing Johan Nilsson Orranäs Glasbruk, Glasriket

Glass art 2023- Orranäs Glasbruk

Orranäs Glasbruk receives a visit from the glass artist Fredrik Nielsen. Fredrik Nielsen is a glass artist and glassblower educated at the Glass School in Orrefors, Pilchuck [...]

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Glass art by Anders Solfors Bergdalahyttan

Glass art 2023 – Bergdala cabin

Opening of this year's exhibition Sparkling spring and exciting grail demo in the cabin with Anders Solfors SATURDAY 29 APRIL 10:00 Opening of [...]

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Artwork by Mats Jonasson Målerås Glassworks

Glass art 2023 – Målerås Glasbruk

Book Saturday 29 April for this year's big event in the Kingdom of Glass! 10:00-16:00 WALKING TOUR – Every full hour there is a walking tour […]

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Glass art 2023 – Kosta Glasbruk

Program Glass Art Weekend April 29-30 SATURDAY 10:00 - 15:00 Come and experience "Design by children", see the 3 winners' designer objects [...]

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Glass art by Micke Johansson

Glass art 2023 – Mickejohans Konstglas

On April 29 and 30, we invite you to Glasriket's grand opening weekend Glaskonst. With us at Mickejohans Konstglas, Micke will [...]

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Glass Art Kingdom of Glass

Glass Art 2024

Glasrikets glasbruk och hyttor bjuder in till årets Glaskonsthelg den 27-28 april. Vernissagehelgen Glaskonst är helgen då sommarens glasutställningar öppnar […]

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Lots of glass at Hauges Hantverksglas, Glasriket

Hauges Handverksglas

Small glass cabin that invests in recycling by transforming old bottles into beautiful utility items.

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Glowing glass like syrup Kingdom of Glass

Glasriket Glöder 2023

When the October darkness descends over the Kingdom of Glass, the glow from the glass furnaces creates a mysterious feeling. Welcome to a flaming cabin! During […]

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Outdoor environment at Erikshyttan, Glasriket

Erik's cabin

Erikshyttan offers a wide and exciting selection for the visitor to explore and in the cabin new forms and techniques are created and tested.

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