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Shop interior at the flea market in the idea factory Glasriket

Flea market in Idéfabriken

Lots of gadgets and good opportunities for bargains.

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Interior Tygåterbruket in Hovmantorp Glasriket

Fabric recycling

Recycled fabrics and clothing as well as children's items.

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Interior Environmental Workshop Lessebo, Glass Kingdom

Environmental workshop

The environmental workshop has a secondhand sale of donated items.

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Antiques at Kvarnen Antik and Loppi's Glasriket

Kvarnen Antique & Flea Market

Here you will find everything from flea markets and interior items as well as unique antiques

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Antiques at the shop Antikt och Design Orrefors, Glasriket

Antiques and Design Orrefors

Small shop in Orrefors. Here you will find quality glass, lamps, furniture and more. Both antique and 50-70s.

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