Glasriket glass holidays - Glasriket

Vernissage weekend Glass art

Glass art is the event of spring and the start of the summer season. The opening weekend is a great opportunity to see what the Glasriket artists achieve when they go all in. At the various glassworks and cabins, the stars show off their latest creations. Often seasoned with shows and demonstrations where we get to see the masters in action. Now is also the first chance to see the season's exhibitions.

Who blows the best?

A spectacular part of the weekend is the Glasriket Open, or SM in glassblowing. The country's best glassblowers are crowned in a competition where the largest barrel and the longest cylinder must be blown. The competition tours around the Glasriket and the last occasion was arranged at the Orranäs glass factory. The reigning champion is Mikael Erlandsson. Due to the pandemic, the competition has been canceled two years in a row.

Glass Kingdom Glöder – Magic in the dark

When autumn darkness descends over the Kingdom of Glass, a mysterious atmosphere is created. In the cabins, the glass furnaces are blazing, the contrast is great against the surrounding darkness. Then Glasriket Glöder invites you to exciting experiences. Shows, exhibitions and activities are on the program.

During Glasriket October, the winter collections from cabins and mills are also shown, an opportunity to buy unique Christmas gifts.

When? The opening weekend is usually in April. Glasriket Glöder is in October

Where? Glasrikets Glasbruk & cabins.

Tip: Take part in the program and visit several of the locations and see what's going on there.

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