Glaskonst 2022 will be held April 23-24 - Kingdom of Glass
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Glaskonst 2022 will be held April 23-24

The opening weekend Glaskonst 2022 will be held on April 23-24

Glasriket's glassworks and cabins invite you to this year's Glass Art Weekend on April 29-30. Vernissage weekend Glaskonst is the weekend when the summer's glass exhibitions open in festive forms around the glassworks and cabins.

According to tradition, the event has always been held at the end of April, but in the last two years they have been forced to make changes and instead move it closer to the summer, this due to the pandemic.

- It has not been optimal to place the event during the summer, but at the same time we have been happy that we were able to carry out the event with certain adjustments even during the pandemic, but it is nice that we can now hopefully return to how it was before, at the same time we will of course follow recommendations and restrictions, says Henrik Karlsson, communicator at AB Glasriket.

The glass art weekend is important for Glasriket and its players, and our fans also see this as an annual highlight.

- This is a weekend where many of the designers proudly show what was produced in the workshop during the winter and it is a solemn point when you finally get to put it in the light. Many are repeat visitors and travel long distances to participate in the festivities as they know that this is something very special.

The basic concept of the glass art weekend is to offer program points at the various glassworks and cabins. The visitor thus has the opportunity to go on a classic glass factory tour to enjoy the glass and the program points on offer.

-So far, many people are holding on to their programs, but Kosta glasbruk has already announced that there will be a show with Lena Bergström on Saturday evening. I have also seen parts of the program at Målerå's glass factory, which promise well. The feeling right now is positive and there are more kilns lit than in a long time around the Kingdom of Glass. I think there will be more to experience for the visitor.

A program is presented no later than one month before the event.