Children's Kingdom of Glass - Kingdom of Glass

Try glassblowing

At the glassworks in Målerås and Kosta as well as at the Orranäs glassworks in Orrefors, the children can live out their creativity in the cabin. Experienced glassblowers help them create their own works of art. At The Glass Factory in Boda, the children have their own section, where they can dress up as tramps and play glassblowers in a mini cabin. It is also possible to engrave and paint your own glass.

Meet the animals of the Glass Kingdom

Småland's nature invites you to many adventures. Moose safaris and games await the active family. Paddling, cycling and hiking are easily adapted to the children's conditions with slightly shorter trips and frequent coffee breaks. In Svartbäcksmåla there is a nature playground for children with challenging obstacle courses and climbing frames. There are also six mountain bike trails of varying difficulty and hilliness, plus a technical course.

There are plenty of moose in the forest, but to make sure, it can be good to visit an moose park. You are guaranteed to find the King of the Forest in the Glasrikets Moose Park in Nybro and in Grönåsen's Moose and Country Animal Park in Kosta. In Kosta Safaripark you will also meet bison, deer, mouflon sheep and wild boar.

At Rugstorp's Lantgård, the children go on a Bonnasafari on the farm, a guided tour with a tractor and wagon. Here you meet cows, horses, sheep, dogs and cats. Then jumping games await in the hay castle and in the large sand pile it is free to create new worlds.

Full of speed

If you are looking for something more challenging, there are fast-paced experiences. On a 290 meter high mountain in the forest is Little Rock Lake. From here, three different Zipline courses start, where the longest rope is 427 meters and where you can get up to 80 km/h - it's a blast!

The go-cart track Raceland in Hagaslätt outside Lessebo is a fun and fast-paced experience for everyone from 10 years and 140 cm. Let the adrenaline flow in competition against family or friends.

Troll scouting

Along the two kilometer long Trollstigen in Målerås you can go troll spotting. Here and where the artist Mats Jonasson's trolls appear - how many can you find? Towards the end of the Trollstigen, a break for juice and buns at the swimming area can sit nicely.

Lake filled

Glasriket is full of lovely lakes that invite you to activities. Kosta Rentalcenter and Ödevata fishing camp are two examples that offer nature experiences all year round for families with children. Try to catch a fish or two, rent a boat or canoe! Pool baths both inside and outside are available in several places.

Children's Glass Kingdom