The woodcarver Helge Rugland, "Rugstorparn" - The Kingdom of Glass

A permanent exhibition is now being opened about the well-known woodcarver Helge Rugland, the "Rugstorparn" in his beloved home village of Rugstorp, with a subsequent storytelling café.

On Sunday 11 December at 2 p.m., a permanent exhibition about Helge Rugland - "Rugstorparn" will be opened at Rugstorps Lantgård. The opening is followed by a storytelling café starting at 3 p.m.

Memories, stories and sculptures about Helge Rugland are shared here. "Rugstorp is especially known for its woodwork and the woodcarver Rugstorparn. Helge Rugland or Rugstorparn as he was also called already in his teens began to carve useful objects and figures in wood and over time carving became his main occupation after 1925.

Through his wooden figures, Helge Rugland wished that the memory of the people in his hometown would live on and after his death he became widely known for his genre groups in wood and portrait motifs in wood. Rugstorparn's home is still in Rugstorp and in addition to various museums (among others at the Kalmar county museum) many of his wooden works are still in people's homes with different stories attached to them".

A warm welcome to this big day!

/The board

The association Rugstorpsbiennalen in proud collaboration with Rugstorps Lantgård and Unique historical Kalmar County