Theater Stolarna vid haet - Glasriket

Newly written comedy about politics and friendship by Adde Malmberg.

Allan, a retired politician sits at his holiday home, in his favorite garden chair in his favorite spot, a hill overlooking the sea. Soon it turns out that his new neighbor is his former political opponent Rutger! He too is retired and wants to enjoy the nice view. In each chair, painted in a different color – red and blue respectively – and on each side of the plot boundary, an everyday chat about just about everything that they think differently about starts. They never agree and always have different starting points and draw different conclusions, but strikingly often they still think the same thing and slowly a kind of friendship emerges between them, in a warm comedy about differences of opinion and similarities where we might not have known they existed.

Date: March 12

Location: Vissefjärda Föreningshus, A-salen, Vissefjärda, Emmaboda

Time: at 19.00