The Sunday tour with Retrofeeling - Glasriket

Take a Sunday trip to the Kingdom of Glass to indulge in quality retro products.

The tour includes 4 retro shops in the Glasriket, all of which take great care in their selection of the items that end up on the shop shelves. Here you will find things you remember from the past and things that are more or less impossible to find anywhere else. Unique, retro and carefully selected.

The shops included in the Sunday tour with Retrofeeling:

These stores are open for Sunday trip with a retro feeling on Sundays during the period 2/4 – 18/6 and you are warmly welcome to discover well-kept products from the past. Some of the shops are also open on other days. Click on the respective link in the bulleted list above to see the destination's total opening hours.

If you want to have the route directly in your Google Maps, just click on the link below.
The tour is valid for the entire period for Sundays between 2/4 – 18/6, even if it is the last Sunday's date that is visible in the tour proposal. 

Then click on Entire trip and the trip will open in your device that has Google Maps.

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