Music Theater The Actor - The Kingdom of Glass

...about art, and life in the midst of it.

The actor is a collage from a theatrical life, from that decisive moment when theater becomes everything.

Through auditions and tours. About stage fright and euphoria. From failure to success. It will be a story about art, and life in the middle of it. About the desire and the fear of what lies behind.

Here he is now standing before us again. Why is he doing it yet again? Again. Always, or is it the last time?

Actor: Olof Bergström
Musician: Anna Melander

Price: SEK 200 or SEK 150 with a stage pass Coffee is included, but is only guaranteed when tickets are pre-booked. Book via: or 0478-420 45

Date: April 19

Location: Hovmantorp Folkets Hus

Time: 19.00