Mundekullafestivalen - Glasriket

Welcome to a unique 25th anniversary as we offer most of the best of the past 25 years! 25th anniversary on the theme "Passing on the stick"

25 years ago, the first sod was laid at a dilapidated derelict house in Småland for what has developed into one of Sweden's largest course farms based on the motto of sustainability in every step. The festival has been a recurring event and this year we want to celebrate both the festival and Mundekulla Retreatcenter. We want to celebrate and honor this while welcoming the new owners of Mundekulla Retreatcenter, hence the festival theme "Passing on the stick".

Welcome to a weekend filled with music, meetings, Mundekulla dances, lectures, children's activities, mindfulness, dance, workshops and not least wonderful concerts with artists from near and far. The festival is spiced up by meetings across generational boundaries as well as national boundaries as well as city and countryside. It is an alcohol/drug-free event for all ages that has also received an award for Sweden's most environmentally friendly festival.

Date: 9-13 August

Location: Mundekulla

See Mundekullafestivalen | Mouth ball for more information and programs.