Glasriket Glöder - Mickejohans Konstglas - Glasriket

Due to the canceled trip to China, we have had to re-plan and have decided to run a Glasriket Glöder this year as well.

On Saturday, October 21, we will offer a three-hour art glass show with Micke Johansson, Christer Eriksson (ce decor) and Iita Villiina Jaakonaho where they will show two grails and a graariel, which are made with patterns that were meant to be blown and displayed in China.

Friday 20 October:
10.00-16.00 Ice cream shop open
10.00-16.00 Art glass exhibition is shown in the cabin
10.00-12.00 Glassblowing

Saturday 21 October:
10.00-18.00 Ice cream shop open
10.00-18.00 Art glass exhibition is shown in the cabin
15.00-18.00 Art glass show in the cabin. Free drop in

Warm welcome!