The heels in the roof - A musical theater with music by Lill Lindfors - Glasriket

Lessebo Riksteaterförening welcomes Teater Jubel which is a theater group based at Wendelsbergs Folkhögskola, which stages the Lill Lindfors-inspired musical theater "Klackarna i Taket".

We are at Folkets park, 1960. It's Friday and time to dance! Together with music from Lill Lindfors, you are taken on a journey about the joy of music, dance, nostalgia and memories of those warm late summer evenings in the park. How was it really? With everything from the songs "En sån karl" to "Music should be built out of joy", we invite you to an evening that you are guaranteed to be humming for a long time! Welcome!

Date: February 25
Time: 15.00
Place: Hovmantorps Folket Hus
Award: SEK 150 or SEK 100 with stage pass.

Coffee is included, but is only guaranteed when tickets are pre-booked.
Book a seat: or 0478-420 45