Glasriket Glöder - Persson & Persson - Glasriket

At Persson & Persson, this year you can experience something very special in Ösjöbol.

In the middle of Morgan's beautiful glass and Elin's tasty pastries, it will be a magical evening of sound, light and taste experiences. Watch Morgan Persson stretch the limits of glass when he premieres a brand new technique in the cabin to accompany Simon Karström's audiovisual journey into Morgan's glass universe, discover new forms as we step into the macrocosm of glass.

At the same time, the taste buds can take a turn in the company of butter bands in 5 different French vintages, where Sergel B&B serves a French-inspired Småland classic in a unique tasting menu. In addition, all the glory can be washed down with folk beer from Kvarnagården, while during the rest of the day Wille spins his favorite waxes and creates a dancing atmosphere in the shop.

It's Glasrike so it glows! At Persson & Persson, October 21 at 5-9 p.m

Store; Café and Gallery open from 11am to 9pm
Wille plays records at 5-9pm
The Isterband bar at 18-20
Morgan blows glass at 18-19
Simon's light show at 19-21
Morgan blows more glass at 20-21

The Isterband bar (6-8pm)
You can pre-book a tasting menu with lard ribbons in five varieties, from appetizer to dessert - inspired by autumn in general and lard ribbons in particular. With its roots in French dishes and methods, it then feels completely natural that the pop-up restaurant is called "Le comptoir d'isterband" - the isterband bar! Can be pre-booked via link at

If you don't want to pre-book the lard ribbon tasting, there will also be lard ribbons with dill stewed potatoes that can be ordered on site.

Tasting menu in five servings: SEK 225 (must be booked in advance) vegan and vegetarian options are available.

Isterband with dill stewed potatoes SEK 145

From Kvarnagården's brewery in Braås, selected beer is served that goes perfectly with lister band!

Warm welcome!