Evert Taube, the inspirer - The Kingdom of Glass

Who can make the sea rock, the archipelago glow and love burn - like Master Taube? A tribute to the magnificence of nature and the beauty of man and life as a great adventure. With the lyrics and melodies that have found a place in so many hearts.

During the performance, you can read the lyrics in the program sheet or why not sing along? On stage physical images and the musician, singer, artist Mikael Edfelt who gives everything - with interesting, exciting and funny anecdotes about Evert Taube, his life and work.

Coffee in the break. The performance is on the Utescenen at Hembygdsgården Qvarnaslät, Nybro. In case of rain indoors.

Mikael Edfelt

Tickets are sold at Bohmans Bokhandel tel – 0481-10032 Ticket price Entrance SEK 250 with stage pass SEK 200

Date: June 8

Location: Qvarnaslät's homestead, Nybro

Time: 18:00