TECHNO FOREST - Kingdom of Glass

Layer upon layer of synthetic tones. A soundscape that opens up aesthetic imaginations and alternative sound worlds beyond the traditional. An energy, a free space, a flow.

Hanna Hansdotter creates both porky coarse and glamorously elegant sculptures. Often colorful and ornate objects that, in the crafting process, have been pressed and left to solidify in a state of motion. Tactile decor and the meeting between the controlled and the uncontrolled are constant components of Hansdotter's aesthetic identity.

Techno Forest will be searched. In a process of determined testing, Hanna Hansdotter has turned up the volume and created an encompassing visual composition that looks both forward and backward. The powerful color combinations, the abstract ornamentation and the depiction of movement remain as a steady pulse. But Techno Forest also gives us access to a new two-dimensional world. With decorative painting as inspiration, Hansdotter has made her own interpretation of nature's inherent world of patterns. Distinct veins and pastel marbling emerge in the room. On large sheets of glass, thick layers of paint have slowly solidified, creating craters for silvery lakes. It is forest and nature embodied in distorted fragments and abstract silhouettes. In a sea of green, a group of lopsided architectural sculptures rises. Classic interior meets the choppy broken. A deconstruction of the authoritarian, a displacement and loosening of boundaries and frameworks. Techno Forest is artificial nature, movement, intensity and escapism.

Hanna Hansdotter, b: 1984, is a trained glassblower at the Kosta and Orrefors schools. In 2017, she received a degree from Konstfack, the department for glass and ceramics, and has since been active as an artist and designer, with a studio at The Glass Factory in Boda. Her work includes both public installations, art glass, and design assignments, including for Kosta Boda.

Date: 17/9-6/11
Location: The Glass Factory