Structures from the molten world - Glasriket

The exhibition shows contemporary glass artworks that embody the changing possibilities of glass. The exhibition highlights surprising new techniques, developed by innovative glass artists. The experimental expressions evoke alternative narratives and call for new metaphors. What stories, descriptions and mythologies does contemporary glass allow us to fantasize about? What new worlds can we learn from their journey through the flames?

The exhibition consists of international artists, with a strong Scandinavian representation. Participating are Stine Bidstrup (DK), Maria Bang Espersen (SE), Mette Colberg (DK), Fredrik Nielsen (SE), David King (US), Jesse Magee (DE), Jocelyne Prince (US) and Matthew Szosz (US) In connection with the opening at 14:00 on April 23, a panel discussion will be held with some of the participating artists and the curator.