Plant change day - Glasriket

Have you preplanted a little too much?

Come to us in Målerås on a plant exchange/sell/buy day and exchange your excess plants for something you don't have! Everyone prices their own plants so that those who only want to buy know what they cost. As we in the Handicraft House and Glasbruket are part of the nature and culture tour, we have planned to have a little extra activity on Saturday 20 May 10-16
more info will come a little later.

Anyone who wants to come can get a seat and there is no charge, you can arrange a table to bring with you. If you'd rather have something else on your table, that's fine too!
Eg flea market items, your hobby production or whatever you come up with.

So book the date to come to us outside the Glasbruket/Hantverkshuset!

Sign up by texting 0738319488 or pm on Hantverkshuset i Målerå's fb page.

Date: 20 May
Time: 10:00-16:00
Location: Målerås Glasbruk