Noice Forever at Alsterbro camping - Glasriket
Alsterbro Camping arranges a number of concerts this summer under the concept "Summer rock at Alsterbro Camping". On May 1, the campsite will be visited by Noice forever.
In pre-industrial society, parties and parties were often held on May 1. The day was designated as the first day of summer and the animals were released to graze. We think it's time to create our own day of this again, and will celebrate that we open Alsterbro Camping for the season. We start at 14.00 and continue until about 15.00. Gimmicks, activities, artists - come and join us!
Holding times:
14.00 We open up this year's season. Hoppborg - Test our new Bicycle Car - Sample Ukrainian food
14.15 On Stage: NOICE FOREVER