Musikteatern STEREO - Glasriket

A newly written musical theater that takes place between the years 1975 to 1985 when Stereon made its big debut in the public home, the performance lands in music, popular culture, small and large events!

When the stereo came, more people had the opportunity to take part in the world of music as the stereo became a natural part of the home environment. Listen to the hits, hear stories of big and small events, everything from the teenage room where records were played in real time to the record store that was the meeting place and world phenomena such as MTV and Live Aid.

Stereo is a performance that lands in incredible meetings, exciting life destinies, everyday life, parties and stardom, and of course the edgiest music between the years 75 and 85 is performed in our own Stereotoppen with genres such as pop, rock, disco, prog, schlager and synth. Sit back and we'll press PLAY!

Price: SEK 200 or SEK 150 with a stage pass Coffee is included, but is only guaranteed when tickets are pre-booked. Book via: or 0478-420 45

Date: 22 March

Location: Hovmantorp Folkets Hus

Time: at 19.00