Kjell Engman Glass Show - Kingdom of Glass

Saturday 29 April 18:00-19:00
The artist and designer Kjell Engman invites you to a glass show together with the masters in the cabin. With live music in the form of the uplifting tones of the Higgins Blues Band, a magical evening is predicted.

In the warmth inside the cabin, you will encounter the musical stories of a signature work that is formed from the glowing glass mass. In atmosphere and feeling, you as a viewer get to take part in the creation of glass art in a holistic experience this evening, in the glow of the oven.

For 45 years, Kjell Engman has worked as a glass artist for Kosta Boda. A vital source of inspiration is precisely music, and it is through it, among other things, that his storytelling is expressed in the glass. With his versatile, humorous and playful expression, this evening he will devote himself to bringing forth the imaginative and joyful glass that he represents.

Warmly welcome to share an unforgettable evening to celebrate Kjell Engman's masterful workshop and long artistry at Kosta Glasbruk!