Guiding "The Pukeberg mountain where the devil lives!" - The Kingdom of Glass

A unique gem in Nybro. At a distance of 500 meters there are Pukeberg, Thebacken, Qvarnaslät and Svartbäcksmåla. Do you want to hear it
amazing history of the area? Love - Work - Fight - Dance - Tramp and Family Life. About the glass workers' wives who are on strike
- there is too much music and too little glasswork! Fascinating stories about the people in the area. Welcome to an entertaining moment & hike in the Pukeberg area.

Date: 9 May

Time: 18.00-19.00

Location: We meet at Pukeberg's parking lot.

Bring coffee! In fine weather, we have coffee on Thèbacken.

For more information: 076-826 91 62, Mia Johansson
Price: SEK 150 - No pre-registration