Guided forest tour - Flädingstorp and Bamsekulla - History, stories, legends and folklore - The Kingdom of Glass

The tour goes on forest/village roads and trails in the forests of Flädingstorp and Bamsekulla. About the history of the farm and the history of the area, stories about the people but also legends from the area. Inspiring environments with exciting stories that trigger the imagination.

A Walk where Åsa Halin tells the story of the farm, which was once a manor. About the people and life in this part of Småland a long, long time ago. About the lordship and the owner who certainly wanted to create his own "köping" here. About the cottagers and roadless land. If the troll who arranged to go as thanks for the help in the neighboring village. But even if what you used to think you could come across here in the forests, such as Lindormar, Glos-son, gasters and dragons.
Legends, stories and folk beliefs in the past. Exciting stories told as entertainment or as a deterrent at dusk.
Some are recorded for posterity and can now be found in our treasures in the folk life archives. Others are still told today in their places. Åsa offers many stories and tells during the tour that she found in folk life archives and in literature.

Date: April 7

Time: At 13:00-16:00

Distance: approx. 6 km on forest and gravel roads

Age: from 10 years and up

Award: SEK 250/person incl. VAT- Children 10-18 years SEK 100 (paid on site with swish or even cash)

Pre-book your seats. However, no later than Wednesday 5 April at 21.00 via SMS to Åsa Halin 070-627 14 01 (wait for confirmation)