Guided forest tour - Antamålarör and Botarna by Hallasjön - Glasriket

Sayings, History and stories

Why not join us for a walk at a leisurely pace in exciting new surroundings? Here in the woodlands where the advance of the ice sheet is still clearly visible today, we walk back and forth across the former border with Denmark. About borderland, cottagers, folk beliefs and nature. This is the longer of the tours past Antamålarør. Here we also visit Hallasjön with our eyes. There once worked healers and wise women. Legends and stories about healing arts. We also talk about Blåkulla too - It's Maundy Thursday after all. Welcome to the tour.

Maybe you want to try new walking routes? Maybe listen to entertainment in the form of narration "live" instead of through headphones during the walk. Join us on a nice hike in the southern part of the Kingdom of Glass just outside Vissefjärda. On forest and village roads at a reasonable pace with Åsa Halin as your guide. Stories about folk beliefs, nature, stories and history. Speakers for good listening are used. We break off from the shorter tour around Antamålarør and today instead also go towards Lake Hallasjön with our eyes. Åsa Tells legends and stories about "the wise" and the "healers". About wizards and wise old women.

During the walk, life and people from the past are told. Here, legends found in folk life archives, stories from history or perhaps still told today are interspersed. We're talking elves, dragons and goblins with whom you thought you shared reality. Since we also walk back and forth across the former border with Denmark, it is appropriate that we also talk a little about the history of the border area. How could it be to live here in the Småländer and Blekinge once when the armies succeeded each other in the woodlands and the kings intruded on the everyday life of the cottagers. Yes, and maybe we'll talk a little about Blåkulla? Are you going there? It's Maundy Thursday after all!

Date: April 6
At 13:00-16:30
Distance: approx. 7 km on forest and dirt roads
Age: from 10 years and up
Award: SEK 250/person incl. VAT- Children 10-18 years SEK 100 (paid on site with swish or even cash)

Pre-book your seats. However, no later than Wednesday 5 April at 21.00 via SMS to Åsa Halin 070-627 14 01 (wait for confirmation)