Performance - Trekaffe in Gullaskruv - Glasriket

Trekaffe in Gullaskruv
A playful dystopian performance in the darkest part of Småland

Gullaskruv, a small community in Hälleberga parish, Nybro municipality, Kalmar county, Småland. Trekaffe in Gullaskruv is a performance that fantasizes about a future Gullaskruv. We meet in Gullaskruvs Folkets Hus for a fictitious village council where you as an audience get an active role in the play about Gullaskruv. We reminisce, see the future, test new ideas, have coffee and explore alternative scenarios. In a playful and surreal setting, we spend time with thoughts about life in the countryside, in sparsely populated areas and in the future. The project is a collaboration between Reich+Szyber and Folkets hus in Gullaskruv. The project is carried out with the support of the Cultural Council.

When: 11, 12 and 13 August

Time: At 15:00- about 16:00

Where: Gullaskruvs Folkets Hus.

Target group: 10-100 years

Price: SEK 100 for performance & coffee. buy a ticket at

Other: Each performance has unique elements and the three performances will therefore differ slightly from each other.