Eriksmåla market - Glasriket

On September 2, it's time for the second market of the year in Eriksmåla!

The market place is documented from 1683, when the Konga Companie af Calmare Regemente began to use the place as a staging area for the soldiers before the march to Hultsfred, where they would exercise. Eriksmåla market place with the old market stalls is mentioned in the parish records for the first time in 1774 but is probably older. Eriksmåla as an inn appears in the map material for the first time in 1718, but like Kulla in Ekeberga, had come into being when the country road from Karlskrona north through Uppvidinge was built in the 1680s. The Eriksmåla inn functioned as a tavern and shuttle station until 1879, but was converted into a shuttle station in 1880. From Eriksmåla, shuttles would be carried out to Hermanstorp, Emmaboda, Örsjö, Ekebergskulla, Linneskruv and Åkerby.

In 1830 permission was given to hold an autumn market in Eriksmåla, and in 1842 a spring market was also granted. Vilhelm Moberg is said to have visited both spring and autumn markets here many times. Eriksmåla market place has been described by Vilhelm Moberg in i.a. the novel "Raskens" about soldier Rask's market affairs.

Date: September 2

Location: Eriksmåla

Time: 10 am