Narrative walk Antamålarør - The Kingdom of Glass

Sample pipes, border areas and the bots at Hallasjön - longer trip

Here we take off from the tour around Luvön, the outskirts of the beautiful village of Eremitemåla and Antamålarør and head towards Lake Hallasjön and the forests towards the village of Slott.

During the walk, I tell stories and tales I found in folk life archives and heard told about giants, cottagers. About elves, dragons and goblins. We walk back and forth across the former border with Denmark, so a little history around the border area is in order. We talk about what it was like to live here in the Småländer and Blekinge once when the armies replaced each other in the woodlands and the kings intruded on the people's everyday life.

But also about junk and folk beliefs in the past. About tapeworms, gnomes and goblins who were believed to share reality with at the time.

We break off from the round and go towards Hallasjön and Hallasjö eyes. About legends and stories about "the wise" and "the healers". About wizards and wise old women.

Some people called "healers" lived here once upon a time. We talk about how people cured and thought about care and cure further back in time.

Date: the tour is carried out
9 August at 14:00 as well
August 26 at 1:00 p.m

The trip takes about 3 - 3.5 hours.

Km: approx. 7 km on forest and gravel roads and at a leisurely pace

Price SEK 250 per person incl. VAT.

Can be booked by SMS to Åsa Halin 0706271401. NOTE! Wait for booking confirmation with information and GPS coordinates about where we meet.